Friday, May 3, 2013

T.G.I.F. Thank goodness it's Food in front of me and I get to eat it. No - it's FRIDAY and I am so glad - what a week. I hope everyone is doing well with their challenge.

Mini wheats and coffee.



  1. I don't know much, but I am sure that Frosted Mini Wheats are not a great breakfast for an adult..

  2. Yeah - one of these days I'll grow up. I eat them plain with the coffee to wash them down. I should just pour the coffee into the bowl and get it over with.
    Looks like tracking food honestly (HONESTLY) is the key (for me) to steady weight loss. I see my weight decreasing at a constant rate since I started this shindig. I find that My Fitness Pal is a great companion also to keep the calories on track.
    GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE as we head into the weekend.


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