Saturday, May 4, 2013

20130504 Ooops

Hey we're being honest here right? Well we had pizza in the house and I agonized over whether to eat any. You know - this blogging might be doing me some good because at least it made me think before gobbling down 3 slices. Well I ate two slices - but I took my time about it. I had to choose between a specialty slice that was like 390 calories a slice or the plain cheese at 220 - I went with the 220.

We did go for a nice long walk afterwards up and down some major hills. Maybe burned off half a slice. Need to keep eating less and moving more and it will all work out.
Good night everyone


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  1. Haha! We had pizza for dinner last night, too, and it was agonizing after I ate it because all I could think about was how fat I was for eating it. LOL!

    The good news is that we both woke up this morning after eating it, right? The FBI didn't come to take us away for posting pics of it either. ;)

    Life goes on.

    Pizza happens.

    You've got this, dude. :)


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