Sunday, May 26, 2013

20130526 What did I eat today?

 So I really got lazy with my food pictures - but for the most part I've stayed on track with my food consumption. I had an eye opener this week. I had a cold cut sub from Subway - something I eat for lunch from time to time. I never really thought about the calorie count. Well most companies have a calculator to calculate your calories for a meal. I decided to punch in my sub. 1080 calories. OUCH. That's most of a day's calories in a few bites. So buyer beware - if you are on a diet check out the calories FIRST and you can budget a lot better. I could have absorbed half of that but the full sub was a deal breaker for that day.
 Anyway - aside from a few mistakes like that I have stayed on track and I'm down 5 lbs (so far) for the month. If I can drop 5 lbs a month that's 60 lbs a year which is nothing to turn your nose up about.
Here's the morning food rundown - pictures might vary slightly from actual food consumed.

That's coffee and mini wheats to start the day. Most days start this way. How will the day end ? Stay tuned.

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