Tuesday, May 14, 2013

20130514 The grind

Started the day the way I usually do - mini wheats and coffee.

(This is a stock photo but I guarantee my serving today was very similar to the serving I've had the last 300 days.)
Then I had some snacks to tide me over to lunch time. About an ounce of peanuts, a laughing cow wedge, about 15 wheat thins, a diet green tea, and an apple. (The orange did not get eaten today - it will be there for future consumption on Thursday.)
Then I got home and indulged in some craziness. An Angus and Swiss with Mushroom burger from the golden arches. It was a gut buster (and a diet buster). This will probably be it for today. Maybe a peanut butter sandwich later.

That's it for today's food adventure. Thanks for playing along and I hope you've enjoyed the wild food journey I have taken today. Join me again tomorrow for "As the stomach turns"


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