Tuesday, April 30, 2013

20130430 A snack for me

Hey - I needed a little bit of something so I grabbed 8 Wheat Thins and about a teaspoon full of peanut butter. That should do it for today.

I'm still figuring out how to take pictures with my Kindle - hopefully I won't have my feet in all the shots.
Everybody have a great night.

20130430 Dinnertime

4 oz of steamed broccoli and 4 oz of grilled tilapia - no breading. It was so good I had seconds. 2 more ozs of each.

20130430 Afternoon Coffee

COFFEE ! Gots to have it. It's what keeps me alive.

See that apple - that's going down in a bit. I already blogged about it in my lunch post. I throw 2 equals (equal to WHAT is what I want to know) and 3 of those N'joy creamer packets in my coffee. You know what N'joy stands for ? NO JOY ! I have no joy in my coffee when there is no milk in our break room fridge. Anyway - back to work.

20130430 Lunchtime

Oh the joy of lunchtime - this is typical lunch for me. I tend to nibble on it through the afternoon as I work at my desk.

From left to right we have
About 20 plain Wheat Thin crackers (I'll stretch these out for hours)
A big dill pickle. (Is that a vegetable?)
5 1/2 oz of plain boiled chicken breast (I live on this stuff)
An apple
An Orange (Cara Cara Orange - they are the BEST!)

So that's it. This needs to get me to 6:30 or 7PM. Then the long drive home and I see what I can rustle up for dinner.

20130430 Brunch ?

2 Sticks of gum and a bottle of diet green tea - that's what I am gonna live on until lunch bag gets opened.


20130430 Breakfast

A packet of oatmeal and a big cup of coffee. Yum.

We usually chug 2 cups around this size of the coffee - sweetened with Splenda and with a bit of 1% milk. The oatmeal today is Blueberries and Cream.

Everybody have a great day !


Monday, April 29, 2013

Dinner 04/29

We were having trouble estimating calorie count on this one. It's thin crust 16" pizza. I am gonna eat this for dinner and I might have another if I like this one.

Ok - I did it - I went for the second piece. That's it for today. I might have a snack before bedtime but if I do I'll post it here.

04/29 4:08PM
I'm going wild - I am gonna have 2 sticks of gum.

And as you can see - I still haven't eaten that orange - it is tempting me, it's time will be soon.

Here you'll see pictures of everything I eat for the month of May ! Click here for details explaining what this is all about.

So to start it off - this is the meal plan for the rest of the afternoon of 4/29/2013

Thanks for following along and wish me luck.