Sunday, May 19, 2013

20130519 Catching up - My weekend of shame

Starting with dinner Friday - we decided on Pizza. Why oh why...I had one of the "Pizza Rollers" also - it's like a mini Stromboli kind of thing.

Saturday started innocently enough

Until I decided to revisit the leftover pizza.

Astute observers will observe I used the same pizza picture twice. Serving was identical - delivery varied slightly between the meals. Then in the afternoon I had to do a music event and we were given a few free beverages. 2 to be exact. Draft beer.


Here's where things really went off the rails - Chipotle. "Food with integrity" That's what is says on their website. Fat and sodium filled calorie bombs. That's what it says in my stomach.

It was a steak burrito with fajita veggies, cheese and sour cream - at least 840 calories - probably more. That's a big chunk of calories for me - and it wasn't really that good. Lesson learned.

Ok - my conscience is purged. Moving on and I'll try to make better menu choices today.

Sunday starts innocently enough.....



  1. My "healthy" Chipotle SALAD was likewise an eye-opener; I calculated 740 cal w/chicken, rice, beans, cheese, and easy on the sour cream! Those big doughy burrito-wrapper tortillas are 300 cal ea...

  2. YIKES - I think next time I am going for the Burrito bowl and saving half for next day. Actually I think next time there won't be a next time.


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