Wednesday, May 1, 2013

20130501 Lunch of champions.

Stickin to the plan here - same lunch as yesterday but I am taking a fresh picture because I said I would.


Let's see what we have here:
1 Cara Cara Orange
1 Jazz Apple
1 Bottle of Diet Citrus Green Tea
4 oz of plain boiled chicken
About 18 Wheat Thins
A Mt Olive Dill Pickle

Yum - time to dig in.

I found some old (yeah like 6 months old) BBQ sauce in our company fridge. Being the daredevil that I am I threw a blob on a plate to add some zest to the chicken. I mean seriously - plain boiled chicken? Have you ever tried to eat that for a month straight? I have my limits. It's pretty good. Check my dinner post to see if I got food poisoning.

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