Wednesday, May 1, 2013

20130501 Coffee

I probably don't need to post this but I'm drinking it anyway. It's loaded with No Joy I tell you. (3 creamers and 2 equals - that's how I like it.)




  1. It seems like everybody likes creamer, but I prefer just regular milk in my coffee. I wish they made it in some of the flavors I have heard mentioned, though (caramel, etc.) Sorry - food on the brain, and reading all these blogs makes me think of all the possibilities.

  2. I actually prefer milk - 1%, or ANYTHING besides this crap they order from the chemical dump. It's like anti-milk. It doesn't even taste like creamer - it's like cream flavored dirt.

  3. Have you tried unsweetened almond milk?? No.. it's nothing like cream(er)... but it cuts the bitterness so I can enjoy my coffee.. and there's only 30 cal in a whole cup of the stuff.

    I had to give coffee up... I would add so much creamer it was prob around 200 cal a cup. Inconceivable!


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